Top technologies of the year 2016 and 2017

There have been many inventions in the world of technology that has changed our lives. Our lives are easy and comfortable to live because of technologies. During the period of 2016- 2017 there have been great technologies that have served various purposes ranging from improving health, entertainment, homes, companies and much more. There are many great ones but below are some of the top technologies of 2016-2017:

  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality:

It is no doubt that 2016 was the year for AR and VR to dominate the world. It did exist before 2016, but it gained momentum since last year and continues to 2017. AR and VR were used for different technologies including gaming where one of the most famous games Pokemon GO was powered by AR and VR. The Oculus Rift is another great example of how VR changed human lives. The Oculus Rift is a gear used for your head which lets you enter and immerse in the virtual world. The experience feels so real that you can even forget for a moment it is not real.

  • Artificial Intelligence:

The AI industry has been an area where all the famous and big developers have invested on. Some of the developments that can be talked about are the Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) and Alpha Go. Google announced last year about the TPUs which was said to be a game changer in comparison to CPUs and GPUs. Google also revealed that the new TPUs would be able to deliver 180 teraflops regarding its performance making it fast and efficient.

  • Face++:

We have put this technology as a separate point because this technology is something rare and unique. Face++ has facial and body recognition that has been used by many companies. One of its uses that make it unique from other facial recognition developers is that Face++ has been used in China for payment. Yes, that is right. A money transaction app called Alipay uses it for customers who want to make payment. Face++ has also been used by Didi to make sure that the drivers in their cars are legitimate ones.

  • 360-degree camera:

The 360-degree camera is another technology that needs to be known and reminded of how great it is. This camera also gained its momentum from 2016. It allows people who watch videos to get a glimpse of everything and every angle of where the video is being shot. Using the 360-degree videos or camera with the aid of VR devices, you can just turn your head and then you can see everything. This camera stepped up its game in the world of media.

  • Glasses:

Google glasses and Snapchat glasses are other two top technologies for 2016-2017. They are both camera glasses but while Snapchat glasses are only meant for camera purposes Google glass has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, speakers and more. Although Google glass has received criticisms, Google plans to improve upon it and release an updated version.

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