Some cool and interesting facts about technology

Every successful and unsuccessful invention has a story behind it. There are many interesting and fun facts behind the technology that we see today. You might know some of them, and you might not know some. It is always good to know facts about anything. Here are some cool and interesting facts about technology. Some might be even weird yet fun to read.

  • The first mouse that was created was made of wood. It was made in 1964 by Doug Engelbart.
  • Did you know that on an average, in one-day people send more than 160 billion emails? The surprising part is that majority of them are spams. It has been said that around 97% of them are scams.
  • Did you know that emails were in existence for a long time? They even existed way before the World WideWeb (www) did.
  • Another interesting fact is that there is only one state that you can get from one row with a QWERTY keyboard. The name of that state is Alaska.
  • The statement “Successful people start small” applies to successful companies like Google, Apple, HP and Microsoft. The developers started their leading companies from their small garages. Paypal is another great example. Their idea was mocked by many, and the company was even voted as a part of top ten worst business ideas. This was back in 1999. Today we know how successful Paypal is and how they stood the test of time to reach where they are now.
  • Back in the days, computers and other devices were huge and heavy. Even small data of about 5MB weighed one ton. This was a part of the computer developed by IBM in 1956.
  • Who doesn’t find virus annoying? They ruin and damage our electronic devices, yet people keep making them. Apparently, more than 6000 viruses are created and released every month. The majority of these people who make viruses do it under the orders and name of organisations.
  • iOS users are well aware of Siri. Even those who do not use iOS must have heard about Siri. When it was introduced by Apple at the end of 2011, it became so popular that people even named their daughters Siri after the virtual assistant.
  • The first portable digital camera existed only from the 1980s. Did you know that the world’s first ever picture clicked from a camera was in 1826?
  • The majority of us might not be able to imagine computers being able to run on water. We are proven to be wrong. In 1936, Vladimir Lukyanov, a Russian scientist invented the computer that could run using water. It was used in the country in the field of metallurgy, geology and rocket engineering. Today you can find this machine in a museum at Moscow’s Polytechnic museum.
  • The Changing Precision Technology Company in China has used robots in their factory. They have revealed that major part of their factory is unmanned. From 650 workers, they reduced to 60 when they were replaced by robots.

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