Positive and negative effects of technology in our daily lives

Technology no doubt holds an extremely important place in our lives. We function daily because of technology, and it is difficult to imagine a life without technology in it. However, like any other thing in life, there are pros and cons to it. Anything done or used in excess can affect our lives negatively. The cons also come from misusing technology. In this article, we will be talking about how technology has affected our lives in both positive and negative ways.

Here are ways in which technology has changed our lives positively:

  • Life has become easier:

In this era, we are extremely dependent upon technology for anything. Technology has made our lives much easier and comfortable. We no longer have to wash clothes with our hands because of washing machines, mobile phones have made contact and communication so much easier since we can use it anywhere we go replacing the age old PCOs or landlines which were available only in certain locations. Computers and laptops have made it easier to store information without having to write everything down. The list would go on if we were to mention all the areas in which technology has made our lives easier.

  • New learning:

Because of technological advancement, the internet has made everything accessible to people all over the world. You can get information about anything on the net. Students can use the internet to learn new things and get information for their assignments or tests. Similarly, the working population and non-working population can learn new things regarding any topic or their interests because of technology.

  • Utilizing resources:

Our earth and our brain have a lot of resources that has been and has not been tapped. Technology has been a useful tool to utilise these resources to the fullest.

Here are ways to which technology has affected our lives negatively:

  • Addiction:

Children and adults alike have become extremely addicted to their gadgets. A lot of people cannot even live without it. This affects our lives because anything done in excess is never good. Things always have to be done in moderation to live a healthy life. Technological gadgets have limited social interactions between human beings. It also has limited physical movements to a great extent.

  • Pollution:

Technology requires a lot of resources like fossil fuels which contribute to pollution. Industries dump their wastes on land and water without proper treatment resulting in polluting the areas. This can also be very harmful to our health and even those of animals and fishes. A lot of toxic wastes and chemicals are released.

  • Access:

The internet as we have mentioned above provides everything for people all over the world. If used wisely, it can have a great positive impact on us however many people have misused information and data they find on the internet. Cyber bullying is a good example of it. People have also misused the internet and advanced technology to get personal information about others invading their privacy.

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