Best Virtual reality apps in the market

In a technology dependent and dominated world, it is no surprise that developers often keep coming up with new or updated technologies. As we have already mentioned, AR and VR became extremely popular recently. There are thousands of VR apps available. Google Cardboard is a great platform that helps you experience rich VR materials. The best part is that it has been developed for selling it at low prices. You can use many apps through Google Cardboard. Some of these apps are Google Cardboard app, VLC for Android, Google Street View, Expeditions, Titans of Space, Fulldrive VR and much more. Here are some of the best VR apps in the market:

  • YouTube

The majority of you will have YouTube on your phones. The reason why we have put YouTube on our list is that people have started uploading videos that will provide you with rich VR experiences. The trending 360 videos are best examples of it. You can focus the video on anywhere and even turn the angles to get a better view of the person or thing you are watching. You can use Google Cardboard for the experience. To access VR, you just need to follow one simple step. Click on the ‘Google Cardboard’ icon. That’s it.

  • Tilt brush:

‘Magical’, ‘amazing’ and ‘different world’ are some words users have used to describe Tiltbrush. For artists and people who love painting, drawing and art, this app is sure to impress you. It lets you paint images in your virtual world.

  • Within:

This is an app you will find in both Android and iOS markets. You can get various contents ranging from documentaries to educational material and much more. It also offers you 360-degree viewing and VR audio so that your experience feels more realistic. You can also use Google Cardboard here. Even without Google Cardboard, you can have your VR experience through your devices. Just make sure to use your earphones.

  • VR Roller Coaster:

Scared of roller coasters and want to try it out without being physically present? Want more experience of roller coasters, yet you have no time actually to visit one? Then this app is perfect for you. For those who love roller coasters, no experience will be exactly similar to the real one. However, you will not get an experience as realistic as you can through VR apps. Go on a ride with this app!

  • Space Pirate Trainer:

Space Pirate Trainer is a VR game that has received many positive reviews. It even won the best game at the Proto Awards. In this game, you are in space as a space pirate, and you have to defend yourself from enemies. When you enter the world of Space Pirate Trainer, you will feel your heart beat faster from the excitement and fun you will have while playing the game.

  • Discovery VR:

If you are a viewer of the Discovery channel, Discovery VR is here to enrich your experience. You can watch everything in high quality. Along with it, the 360-degree feature also exists.

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