Best Virtual reality apps in the market

In a technology dependent and dominated world, it is no surprise that developers often keep coming up with new or updated technologies. As we have already mentioned, AR and VR became extremely popular recently. There are thousands of VR apps available. Google Cardboard is a great platform that helps you experience rich VR materials. The

Some cool and interesting facts about technology

Every successful and unsuccessful invention has a story behind it. There are many interesting and fun facts behind the technology that we see today. You might know some of them, and you might not know some. It is always good to know facts about anything. Here are some cool and interesting facts about technology. Some

Positive and negative effects of technology in our daily lives

Technology no doubt holds an extremely important place in our lives. We function daily because of technology, and it is difficult to imagine a life without technology in it. However, like any other thing in life, there are pros and cons to it. Anything done or used in excess can affect our lives negatively. The

Top technologies of the year 2016 and 2017

There have been many inventions in the world of technology that has changed our lives. Our lives are easy and comfortable to live because of technologies. During the period of 2016- 2017 there have been great technologies that have served various purposes ranging from improving health, entertainment, homes, companies and much more. There are many